Rural Recycling

Site Locations (available 24/7)

Bovill Located on Railroad Avenue across from Bovill City Hall and the tennis courts
Deary Located on Line Street behind the elevators
Genesee Oak Street just west of the ball park
Juliaetta Located on 3rd & Railroad Street (south of Grain Elevators)
Kendrick 8th & Railroad Street by yard waste bin
Potlatch City Hall parking lot
Troy Located at Sunset Mart, 105 Hwy. 8

Materials Accepted

Mixed Paper

Mixed waste paper, magazines, catalogs, newspaper (including inserts), telephone books, junk mail (envelopes with plastic windows are accepted), gift wrap (no glitter, foil or bows). Place materials loose in containers.

Cardboard & Browns

Cardboard, paper bags, and dry food boxes (such as soda and cereal boxes, remove waxed liner).


Aluminum cans, tin cans. Please rinse.