Materials Accepted

There are several disposal options at Latah Sanitation. Items that can be dropped off include Municipal Solid Waste, Demolition, Clean Wood Waste, Large Appliances, Tires, Yard Waste, and Scrap Metal.

Where should you bring your materials?:

Latah Sanitation Solid Waste Processing Facility at 3299 ID-8 Moscow ID, 83843

Who can use the facility?:

Latah County residents and businesses.

Municipal Solid Waste:

Household waste, animal bones and hides, animal waste, treated grain, treated lumber, cold ashes, dishwashers.

Scrap Metals:

Aluminum, tin, steel, metal, iron, copper, brass.

Yard Waste:

Branches and logs (up to 26” in diameter and 10’ in length), grass, leaves, decoration-free Christmas trees, hedge trimmings.

Clean Wood Waste:

Lumber, wood, scraps, pallets. Materials must be separated, clean, unpainted and untreated.

Tire Recycling:

Passenger and commercial tires. Tires with rims are an additional fee.

Large Appliances:

Washers, dryers, hot water heaters, stoves, large microwaves, etc. Appliances with CFCs include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners.


Untreated wood, sheetrock, glass, vinyl siding, carpet and padding, furniture, mattresses, sod, stumps, branches greater than 26” in diameter.