Rural Latah County

All roll carts provided for trash collection service must be removed from county roads, city streets and state highways immediately after the service collection day. Carts left on the roadways are a safety concern while causing problems with snow removal and other services provided. If the cart is damaged beyond repair you will be billed a cart replacement fee. If you have any questions contact your local city hall or rural residents call Latah County Solid Waste at (208) 883-5706.

Service Requests

For questions, problems, or service requests, please call LSI at (208) 882-5724 or contact your billing office listed in the Billing section of this website.

Roll-Cart Sizes

Roll-carts are available in 35, 65, and 95 gallons. The correctly sized roll-cart should allow for occasional extra volume since a fee will be charged for trash not contained in the roll-cart.  New participants have a 60-day trial period for free exchanges. After 60 days an exchange fee will be charged.

Collection Day

To ensure uninterrupted service, please observe the Collection Calendar found on the front page of this website.

Missed Collections

If your garbage is missed, please call LSI at (208) 882-5724 as soon as possible. Due to travel distances, it is not always possible to go back to collect missed garbage in rural areas.  During extreme weather events, drivers may be called in before all garbage is collected. In this unlikely event, garbage collections will usually be caught up by your next collection day.

When and Where to Place Your Roll-Carts

Residents must have their roll-carts out by 7:00 a.m. on their collection day.  Place your roll-cart for collection where it has been delivered to your home. This will ensure your trash is collected and accessible by the collection vehicle.

Place the roll-cart(s) with the arrows on the lid pointing towards the public roadway. If there is a curb, the wheels should be pushed against it.

Your roll-cart should not be within 3 feet of cars, other roll-carts, mailboxes, trees or other objects that will prevent the automated arm from being able to access your container.  During heavy snow events, please make sure your roll-cart is not placed behind berms. During these times, place your roll-cart at the end of your driveway for collection where you have cleared the snow.

Filling Roll-cart

Do not exceed the load rating of the roll-cart. Materials should not be packed down, but placed loosely in the cart. Roll-carts will not empty properly when packed tightly.  It is not required or encouraged to fully fill roll-carts each week.

Loose garbage

Items that are around or fall from your roll-cart during collection is the responsibility of the customer. To avoid this, please tie off all garbage in plastic bags and place in roll-cart.  Any extra bag/item will be assessed a fee.

Roll-Cart lid

Keep the lid closed when not in use to reduce any unnecessary water weight and discourage insects and animals from invading the contents.

Materials not allowed in roll-carts

Roll-carts are intended for household waste only. Do not place construction debris, TVs, monitors, hot ashes, briquettes, human waste, large quantities of animal waste, dead animals, solvents, flammable liquids, asbestos, ammunition, fuel tanks, radioactive waste, or other hazardous materials in roll-cart. For more information on hazardous materials and their proper disposal, please see the Household Hazardous Waste section below.

Animal Bedding and Pet Feces

Animal bedding and pet feces (only small amounts allowed) should be placed in a securely fastened plastic bag before it is placed in household garbage.

Liquid Waste

Please drain or solidify liquids with an absorbent material such as kitty litter before placing in your household trash. Any flammable liquids are not allowed in household garbage and should be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste facility at LSI or dropped off at the HHW area of Moscow Recyling.

Medical Waste

Any medical waste that could pose a health risk to collection workers (needles/sharps) should be placed in a labeled and sealed hard container.

Yard Waste

May be collected at the curb as long as it fits in your roll-cart.  Yard waste placed outside your roll-cart must be bagged and will incur an additional fee.  We encourage all residents to take advantage of the free yard waste programs available at Moscow Recycling and Latah Santitation.  See Materials Accepted section below.

Fluorescent Tubes

For recycling, visit or

For cleanup of broken fluorescent lights, visit

For disposal, call LSI at (208) 882-5724 for instructions.