Solid Waste and Recycling Educational Programs

Latah Sanitation offers a variety of educational services and presentations for teachers and students in school districts of jurisdictions participating in the Latah County Solid Waste System. 

Stevie Steely, the Communications Manager, coordinates the offered classroom activities and can be contacted by or 208.882.5724. 

Classroom Presentations

Latah Sanitation educators are available to make environmental education easy. Our team provides materials and presentations on waste reduction and recycling. Each presentation is about an hour and can be tailored to specific grade levels. 

  • Beeswax Wrap- Infusing cotton with food-grade beeswax, rosin, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. It is breathable and allows food to stay fresh for longer, reducing food wastage.
  • Compost: Nature’s Recycling – Students learn composting science and explore wildlife (worms that can eat our garbage).
  • Hungry for a Waste-Free Lunch? – Students discuss choices that can be made to use fewer resources and have less garbage after lunch.

Our team will work with teachers and group leaders to customize the learning experience to best meet the needs of the students and groups.